About Us

Funk Linko (Formerly Funk Forging) was founded in 1925. It is a fourth generation family owned enterprise. This woman and minority owned steel fabrication manufacturing is one of the leading producers of sign poles, lighting poles and rail products. Funk Linko designs and fabricates sign poles, lighting poles and undercarriage for locomotives, major oil companies, fast food operations, hotels, car dealers, airports and municipalities nationwide and most of the products are shipped overseas. During the 87 years, Funk Linko has nurtured a culture of longstanding commitment to superior quality and personal service that fill real needs and provide lasting value.


Since 1925, Funk Linko has consistently to design and manufacture the highest quality light and sign posts for a wide variety of industries and commercial uses. Our proprietary and patented pole shape designs continue to be key elements for clients as they re-brand and shape new images. As America moves towards a green future, the bulk of Funk Linko’s business has shifted to fabricate under-frames and components for energy efficient railway products; as well as small to middle sized wind turbine towers.


Quality is what distinguishes Funk Linko from other pole manufacturers. Funk Linko adheres to the highest industry standards and works strictly with 100% certified materials and AWS-certified welders. Our licensed structural engineers provide sealed and certified prints for all 50 states.


100% guaranteed. Our commitment to consistently creating proprietary and patented pole products are a key element to our client’s satisfaction as they re-brand and shape new images. In fact, Funk Linko is so committed to quality and service that our products are 100% guaranteed.


Funk Linko is a Certified Disadvantaged, Minority & Woman Owned Business